Minutes of 24 Feb 2014 BCA Meeting

Prepared by Anthony Hill, Secretary

Meeting was called to order at 7:33 pm.

Treasurer Lisa Chick reported a balance of $2837.84.

Franconia CAC (Nathalie Jacobsen).  Last meeting was a School Resource Officer.  He said that marijuana is on the rise, MS-13 gang activity is on the rise, and students’ respect for authority is an issue.   The CAC will be hosting a chili dinner for the Police officers in March.  A major Police & Fire competition will be held in 2015 Fairfax County.

Newsletter (Lisa Chick) Articles for the next newsletter need to be submitted by 7 Mar.

Lee District Association of Civic Organization (LDACO) (Jane Hilder).  The January meeting was cancelled due to snow.  The meeting was to be on a proposal for residential studio apartments, with a couple of developers as speakers.  Mondloch house on Lockheed Blvd was recently built in this configuration.   The 26 Mar meeting will be on the County budget, with Supervisor McKay, our school board member, and a budget staff member in attendance.

Burgundy Community Center (BCC) (Shirley Magalis).  Rental receipts were $2550 for Jan and $2775 for Feb.  The roof is 7 years past its lifetime and needs replacement at an estimated cost of $40,000.

Real Estate (Gary Strack):  Gary presented information on recent activity in the neighborhood.

Lee District Land Use and Transportation Committee:  A case closest to the neighborhood was in Rose Hill for a request to operate a church in building currently in use as a school.   The case came down to a tie, a first time occurrence at Land Use.

Traffic Calming:  George Phillips has agreed to chair the committee.  Coordination will be continued with the County.

Sign Committee:  The committee is seeking legal or contractor assistance with navigating the complex combination of permits that would be required to build  a sign.  A request will be put out in the next newsletter.  The proffer funding from the Burgundy Woods development can only go for actual sign expenses, not legal expenses.

Unfinished Business:

Nominating Committee is still seeking candidates.

New business

Easter Party:  Easter Egg Hunt was scheduled for 12 Apr at 9:00.    Several volunteers agreed to help.

Minutes were unanimously approved.

Spaghetti Dinner: Will be held prior to the March meeting.  Several citizens agreed to help provide spaghetti and sauce.

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