BCA Meeting Minutes, April 28, 2014


Jim Robb, President
Nathalie Jacobsen, First Vice President
Gary Strack, Second Vice President
Tony Reynozo, Treasurer
Saundra Strack, Secretary

The BCA meeting was called to order by Jim Robb, President, at 7:39PM.

Introduction of New Officers:

Jim Robb, President
Nathalie Jacobsen, First Vice President
Gary Strack, Second Vice President
Tony Reynozo, Treasurer
Saundra Strack, Secretary

March 31, 2014, minutes were handed out, reviewed, and approved.


Neighborhood Watch (Bob Reece):
Not in attendance. No report.

Franconia Citizens Advisory Committee (Nathalie Jacobsen):
Most thefts in neighborhoods are car break-ins for air bags. Nathalie reminded everyone to always lock cars. Also, the Advisory Committee plans to feed police twice a month.

Easter Egg hunt went well, but turn-out was not good. Someone that attended fixed the clock. Jim Robb will store the plastic eggs. Tony has too many supply bends to store and unable to take more. Shirley said someone called to ask when Easter Egg Hunt is to be held. Not well advertised. Was on community board, and in newsletter.

Newsletter (COMMUNICATIONS) (George Phillips):
When is it typically printed? Suppose to be quarterly. Discussions insued about ways to cut printing costs. George talked about website and CRM (Customer’s Relations Management) and options, but needs to be populated. BCA website is fully functional. Recommendations were made to post newsletter online. No firm decisions were made to cut costs on newsletter distribution. Go to Supervisor McKay’s website, register for electronic community email. Jane Hilder said helpful information is Crime Report. George said to give him info for publications.

Lee District (Jane Hilder):
Tax rates were raised ½ % per $100 of assessed value to cover schools expenses. County will cut 900 jobs. Almost all property taxes in our community went up except Elmwood Towne Way. Concerns were expressed by Lee District that taxes had to be raised. Commercial taxes did NOT go up. Meeting 28 May is supposed to have someone from Assessors office explain how taxes are calculate.

Meeting last month was about incorporation for civic and homeowner associations. Incorporation protects board members against lawsuits.

Supervisor, Linda Waller, is working on a county noise ordinance and ordinance related to community meetings. A public meeting will be held. Jane handed out meeting notices.

Burgundy Community Center Operations Board (Shirley Magalis):
April rental revenue brought in $2225. Jim Robb pointed out that Shirley has been a community center volunteer since 1960’s and became a paid employee in 1983.

Land Use Committee Meeting (Gary Strack):
Deferred until next meeting.

Real Estate (Gary Strack):
Report attached

Traffic Calming (George Phillips):
Thursday, May 1 at 10:00AM, Supervisor’s Office, Government Center (Police Station), 6121 Franconia Rd., Alexandria. BCA members will organize outside the building prior to meeting at 9:45am.

Community Sign (Donna, not in attendance):
It was pointed out that aligning committee members’ schedules is difficult, or impossible, and meetings have been cancelled. A recommendation was made to hold meetings no matter how many committee members are available to attend; everyone in agreement. Jim Robb will decide when next meeting is held.

Future Speaker Recommendations:
Jim Robb asked for speaker recommendations. Jim also announced that David Mizejewski, Naturalist & National Spokesman from The National Wildlife Federation, will speak at our association meeting, 19 May.Topic: “How to Attract Wildlife in Your Backyard.”

Plant give-away and exchange will be held at 6:30pm – 7:00pm in the Burgundy Community Center parking lot. May 17, 2014, 9:00am – 3:00pm. Green Spring will have a plant sale, 17 May, located on Little River Turnpike.

Larry Inguagsiato, Facilities Manager, Burgundy Farms Country Day School was introduced and welcomed to our meetings.

Next meeting is Tuesday, May 19th due to Memorial Dayweekend.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:48PM.


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